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Farmer Olaf game

1-2 weeks for Europe, more for the rest of the world

Farmer Olaf - one copy of the game.

The box contains 140 cards including spare ones (for future expansions) and an instruction. Cards are made from top quality black core 300gsm FSC paper stock. Matte finish of cards makes them suitable to play in all conditions - even outside and in bright sunlight. The box weighs approx. 160g and its size is approx. 14cm x 8cm x 2cm so it can fit in your pocket.

For an extended instruction and a quick tutorial video please visit: http://www.farmerolaf.com/help


Farmer Olaf - a family card game that you can play anywhere! Forest, train, beach, plane, bike trip, meadow, bench, park, airport, pub, train station, lake, cafĂŠ, stadium, mountain peaks - Farmer Olaf is a great outdoor game!

Thanks to a simple NO.TABLE box you can play without a table or even when there is no place to sit :) The box with the game is small and light so it will fit into the pocket of your jacket or pants.

The game has no limit of players - each additional box with the game increases the maximum number of players by 4. In the future it will also be possible to play solo or to enhance a two-player game (a free Gnome Popos add-on will be published on Farmer Olaf website soon).

Thanks to additional empty cards you can choose and create your game add-ons (for example 'Chickens and Eggs') - examples will be published soon on Farmer Olaf website.

For an extended instruction and a quick tutorial video please visit: https://www.farmerolaf.com/en/howto.php

Farmer Olaf game technical details:

Weight: 160g, dimensions: 13.5 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm, 140 cards, instruction in six languages (EN/DE/FR/NL/PL/ES), 2-4 players, 10+ years, play time: around 25 minutes.