Farmer Olaf
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2018 Winter trip and update about the shop.

Time to post some photos from the spots we played the game. Even in winter the no.table box was easy to carry wherever we went (by bike or on foot). You can see the whole gallery here: Winter trip 2018 gallery.

We were able to play in all spots we made a break. Apart from great views we got a lot of fresh air and sunlight. On two occassions we played on a wooden picnic table. Rest of places had only benches where we kept the box on our knees. Once, on an extreme occassion we had to play while standing since benches were covered in snow. The box has a separate space for my cards so I could deal cards and play while holding the box all the time.

The e-shop still needs some testing, I expect it will be open on the 15th of January so very soon. In the meantime I worked on a AI player which will be very handy for 2 player or even solo games. It will be one more free print-and-play expansion that will contain rules governing AI player behaviour. Stay tuned!

Long journey and a session next to a dead lake. During wind gusts we were keeping cards in our hands. Cards in the box didn't need protection against the wind.

Perfect day for sunbathing and gaming.

Playing a dwarven game in an old limestone mine.

A short stop in a medieval city.

A great way to relax after a bike trip.

Extreme gameplay - cold, no table and nowhere to sit. Still no problem to play since you can keep your cards in the box at all times. The view was worth it.

Farmer Olaf at Essen SPIEL 2018

Some photos from Essen SPIEL 2018.

5 players playing while standing

6 players tabletop gameplay

Exposition at the new games show

Photos from production

Final stage of packing the mini box.